Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital, Wokingham

Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital | Wokingham | Berkshire | RG40 4JD

Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital

Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital

177 Nine Mile Ride, Finchampstead, Wokingham
Berkshire, RG40 4JD

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Contact Tel : 01189 733 466

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Vet Description

Founded in 1985, Nine Mile Veterinary Hospital is located near Wokingham in Finchampstead and provides veterinary care to clients in surrounding areas. The practice is one of only a handful of RCVS accredited tier 3 hospitals in the area. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team comprises 19 members of staff including 6 vets and 8 nurses. The hospital is staffed 24hrs a day to enable us to offer the highest standards of care to our patients.

The practice is superbly equipped to enable us to offer a wide range of services, from routine procedures to complex diagnostics and surgery, including Digital Radiography, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Electrosurgery and Surgical suction, MRI and much more. We also have advanced monitoring equipment such as capnography, pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring and ECG which means that we can diagnose and monitor very subtle changes during anaesthesia and helps us with the management and diagnosis of cardiovascular problems. We also offer a variety of free services from weightwatchers to free health checks for new clients.

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