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Dog Welfare and Dog Rescue Groups

If you run an animal welfare organisation, such as a dog rescue or dog welfare charity, we will gladly provide your organisation with a free listing in our directory. All you need to do is provide us with things like your contact details, a proper description of what you do and an image.

How can we help?

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Our aim is to provide as much support as we can for local and national dog rescue, dog rehoming and dog welfare organisations, charities or voluntary groups. At present, ‘support’ means that we are happy to add your organisation to our directories and provide a page which features information on the work you do, how people can contribute, how they can contact you, and so on. As long as you provide the photos and write the content (and don’t duplicate content published elsewhere) we will be happy to do the rest. In terms of what we can do in the future, well, you need to tell us how we can be of more assistance. If it’s both possible and practical, we’ll almost certainly agree.

Other ideas?

There is a limit to what we can achieve with a simple website, but if you have any ideas on ways that we could help yours or similar groups, please feel free to drop us a line with your suggestions and we will see if it’s something we can do!

Add your organisation to our directory

Website registration pages are a magnet for idiot spammers, so our charity / dog welfare registration page is hidden from public view. If you would like to register your organisation, send us your details via the registration request form below. Provided we can verify your identity and the details of your group, we will gladly send you the details of how to register. Note that you must make this request via an email address that we can trace as belonging to the charity you wish to register!

Please do not write in capital letters!

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In order to access this website you will need a username and password. Your username will be the email address you provided above, and this should have been copied below automatically. The username cannot be edited below and is shown only for your information. Please be sure you entered your email address correctly! You now need to create a password in the fields below (please do not lose it). The password can contain normal characters, numbers and symbols (not spaces) and should be at least 10 characters long for added security.
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It may be obvious from your name who you are and what you do, but please provide a brief explanation below. If you have any questions regarding registration and what you can subsequently do, you may also add them below. If you wish to register more than 6 branches (nationwide groups, for example) there is a bulk submit form accessible after registration which allows you to submit listings via a pre-formatted excel spreadsheet.

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