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Anton Vets | Andover | Hampshire | SP10 2NJ

Anton Vets

Anton Vets

Unit 11 Anton Mill Road, Andover
Hampshire, SP10 2NJ

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Contact Tel : 01264 729165

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Vet Description

Anton Vets is an established, caring family-oriented practice serving Andover and its surrounding villages in Hampshire. Owned and run by its founders, Anton provides comprehensive care to clients and their animals and are proud of the excellent facilities the premises house. We have the experience and expertise to treat most pet animals, from giant breed dogs and farm pets to small mammals and exotics. We are privately owned, which enables us to put pet care first and evolve as veterinary medicine improves.

Our facilities include a large waiting area, a private waiting area for pets who need a little space and privacy, 6 consulting rooms, lots of equipment for diagnostics and therapeutics, an imaging suite for xray and ultrasound, and much more. For details of the services offered by Anton Vets, please visit our website or drop by in person to learn more.

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