Wythall Animal Sanctuary, Birmingham

Wythall Animal Sanctuary | Birmingham | West Midlands | B38 0DU

Wythall Animal Sanctuary

Middle Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham
West Midlands, B38 0DU

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Contact Tel : 01564 823288

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Group Description

Wythall Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1968, it is located just South of Birmingham rescues and rehomes unwanted pets, in many cases for animals that might otherwise have been destroyed. The sanctuary rehomes cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies and other small animals and birds. Any animals unsuitable to be rehomed due to illness or behavioural issues will live the rest of their lives in comfort at the sanctuary. The sanctuary also admits and cares for smaller species of wildlife. It is a registered charity solely relying on donations from the public to continue it vital work.

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