Haytor Kennels and Cattery, Dorking

Haytor Kennels and Cattery | Surrey | RH4 1NX

Haytor Kennels and Cattery

Haytor Kennels and Cattery

Old Reigate Road, Dorking
Surrey, RH4 1NX

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Contact Tel : 01737 843543

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Kennels Description

Family run and established over 25 years ago, Haytor Kennels and Cattery is situated just outside of Dorking, close to Brockham and Betchworth and not far from the A25 from Reigate. Each dog has his or her own individually heated kennel with cosy vet bed blankets. They have their own outside covered exercise run which each dog has access to during the day and a larger grass area where we allow the dogs to get some additional exercise and, if they like other dogs, to make friends too. The dogs get a chance to use the grass area at least three times a day and sometimes more. Our kennels are cleaned out daily and a fresh set of blankets provided. We prefer to use our own vet bed blankets but you can bring your own if you wish, or bring a favourite toy for their stay. Fresh drinking water is given every morning and this is then topped up during the day. We provide food for the duration of your dogs stay and try to keep in stock as many varieties as possible. We are pleased to give prescribed medication, at no extra charge, if required.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday (closed Tuesday) - 10.00 -12.00 and 2.00 – 5.00
Sunday - 10.00 -12.00

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