Gay Dog Boarding Kennels, Alresford

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Gay Dog Boarding Kennels

Gay Dog Boarding Kennels

Bradley, Alresford
Hampshire, SO24 9RY

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Kennels Description

Located in the North of Hampshire, roughly central to Alton, Basingstoke and Winchester, the Gay Dog Kennels has been a family run boarding kennels since 1963. All our kennels are generously sized and licensed for two or more dogs, so families do not have to be split up. All kennels have outside south facing runs and as long as the weather is fine there is access throughout the working day. Hygiene is of utmost importance and all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants and a cleaning routine is carried out with great attention to detail every day. During the day we give all the dogs a country walk as well as letting them into the exercise yards another three times.

We are happy to feed any diet, we carry complete foods and tins, but we are also happy to feed dog with any food you provide and will try to maintain the dog’s regular feeding routine. Any medications or food additives are accurately administered.

Opening Hours

Open every day - 7.00-12.00 - 1.30-7.00

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