Interested in becoming an advertising sponsor?

A quick glance at this website reveals that it was not designed to carry the usual clutter of advertising that blights most websites. However, we would like to hear from any companies who would be interested in becoming a sole advertiser / sponsor.  The products or services you wish to advertise must be directly related to dogs and our users, and the advertising must be static and will not be allowed to be the primary feature of any of our listing pages.

To avoid clutter, no page on the website will carry more than one advert and the site home page is not available for advertising. Adverts will not be allowed which compete with listed businesses, which means we cannot allow veterinary services to be advertised on veterinary listing pages, and so on. We need to be fair to all parties.

Ideally, we are looking for a sponsoring advertiser in the field of dog care products or services of one type or another. This can include pet insurance, food, toys and other related products. If you are selling products or services that do not directly relate to dogs we will be unable to consider your proposal.

We can only consider proposals from advertisers interested in long-term sponsorship, with 12 months being the minimum period. What we request is that if you are interested, you contact us with details of what you would like to do. To do this, please click the button below and use the form that will appear. We don’t employ anybody to deal with advertising as it is not something we seriously need, so please be sure to explain what you want and offer in simple English!

Thank you.

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